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Asian Journal of Physical Education and Computer Science in Sports with ISSN 0975-7732 for the months of January 2015 to June 2015


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Effects Of Aerobic Exercise Programme On Different Terrains On Blood Pressure And Total Cholesterol –Mr. S. Selvakumar, Dr. S. Chidambara Raja


Effect of yoga on academic performance in relation to stress-Dr.Prashant D.Taur


Sports Need assessment of Tehran Firemen with Management Procedure-M.Varmaghani, H.Koozechian , J.Yousefi


Effects Of A Ten Week Training Programme On Cardiovascular Endurance Among Football Referees Of Malaysia –Subramaniam Nathan& Lim Boon Hooi


The impact of the use of exercises (reaction – and the kinetic response) to Repelling movements, arm and legs to the goalkeeper Handball- Prof. Abdul-Wahab Ghazi Hamoudi al-Jubouri,Amin Thanon Ahmed al-Hdad,Abdul Mohemen Mahmoud rasul


Effect Of Alcohol On Sports Performance And Different Body Systems- Meenu


Physical Exercise and Well bei ng-Dr.G.Shyam Mohan Reddy


The Relation between Organizational Trust and Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Physical Education Teachers Working in North Khorasan Province in Iran – Farzan Farzam, Mohsen Emami, Mehdi Khatibzadeh                               


The Impact Of proposed Training In Developing Offensive Skills & Explosive Power In Fencing Game-Ammar Hussein Nadhim


Effects Of Imitation In Unilateral Strength Training Programme On Observational Learning And Strength-Goh Yee Suang, Teo Eng Wah & Lim Boon Hooi


Effects Of A 12 Week Resistance Training Program On Body Composition And Body Mass Index Of Malaysian Sports School Adolescent Athletes-Entheran Subramaniam, Lim Boon Hooi & Balbir Singh Gill


A Comparative Study On Socio-Economic Status Of Volleyball, Handball, Kho-Kho And Kabbadi Intercollegiate Women Players Of Ranichennamma University-C.K.Nandar


A Study On Self Confidence Of Kabaddi And Kho-Kho Men Players Ranichennamma University Belagavi Viddy Mullur ,Vithyal Metri


Assessment of Nutritional Knowledge and Dietary Practices among Selected Sports Women- Dr Rani George


A Comparative study of Explosive Strength and Flexibility between Rural and Urban Female student at Nandurbar District-Miss.Priyanka Prakash Sulakhe


Olympic Brand and Ambush Marketing-Shakeel Ahmad Shahid


A comparative study of Intelligent Quotient of the women players In Kho-Kho and other games-Dr. Hema Ladha


Study Of Indian Traditional Indoor Games Knowledge Of Urban Industrial Area Female Students Of Palavancha.Khammam- P.Ujwala


The impact of the application of the curriculum theoretical vocabulary accompanying to learn and mastering some basic skills in handball for the students of the second stage Physical Education College, University Baghdad-Prof. Dr.Abdul-Wahab Ghazi Hamoudi al-Jubouri, Amin Thanon Ahmed Al-Haddad,Salam Nther Abbas,Saja shukr Yas


Growth Pattern Of Ten To Twelve Years Old Children In Respect Of Locality- Dr.Sandip Kr.Mandal


Emerging of women professional sports and Sports as a professional activity among women –Ch.Vasantha


A Study On Anxiety Of Sports And Non-Sports Personnel- Dr. Anu Dandona


Efficiency of Attacking Techniques in Junior and Senior Players across the Taekwondo Match-Yee Lin Tan, Oleksandr Krasilshchikov


Fitness Ability Comparison between Sprinters and Throwers- Dr. Kuldeep Singh


A Comparative Study of Power among Boxers and Taekowondo Players of Hyderabad-Prof.Rajesh Kumar,Prof.J.Prabhakar Rao Prof. V.Satyanarayana,Mr.S.Ravinder


A Comparative Study of Flexibility and Jumping Ability among Net Ball Players and Soccer Players Of Osmania University In India Prof. Loka Bavoji Laxmikanth Rathod, Dr.K.Deepla, Dr.B.Sunil Kumar 102
Comparison of Self Confidence among Judokas and Wrestlers of Hyderabad,A.N.K.Gokul,Prof.Y.Gopi Krishna 105
The Relationship Between Physical Activity And Health Status Of Students At The University Of Danang In Vietnam-Nguyen Xuan Hien, Chun-Hsien Su 107
An Analytical Study On Muscular Strength And Agility Components Of Basketball And Handball Teams Of Himachal Pradesh University- Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Kamender Singh,Dr. Leela Devi Thakur 113
The Level of Intrinsic Motivation among 13, 14 And 16 Years Old School Students in Physical Education Lessons-Wee Akina Sia Seng Lee, Shabeshan Rengasamy, & Lim Boon Hooi 116
Comparison of Abdominal Strength among Basket Ball and Hand Ball Players of Hyderabad-S.Rajini 122
Comparison of Explosive Strength among Kabbadi and Kho Kho Players -G.Ramesh 124

Sports Tourism-Buram Parvathalu


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