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Asian Journal of Physical Education and Computer Science in Sports with ISSN 0975-7732 for the months of July 2013 to December 2013


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Biomechancal comparison of Genu Valgus among Futsal players - Mahdi Amel Khabazan, Amir Shahriar Aryamanesh, Prof. L. B. Laxmikanth Rathod , Mohamad Hosein Khabaz Pg-1

Effect of Lezium Training Programme on Physical Fitness of Boys - Dr.K.K.Asai, Dr.YatinV.Rane Pg-4

Health-Cultural-Sports Activities Of Physical Education Students Of Private Higher Education Institution In San Fernando City in Philippines -Lorna Sobrepena Salcedo Pg-8

Comparison Of Motor Fitness Anthropometric Characteristics And Personality Profile Between National Level Volleyball And Football Players -Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mandal Pg-10

Evaluation Art Intelligent Algorithms According to Fuzzy System and Image Processing -MoeinGhafourian Sangchouli, Hamid Mohammad Zadeh Pg-12

Psychology and Physical Education -Dr Bhagwat J Katare Pg-15

Effect Of Static Stretch Exercise Program On Knee Range Of Motion (Rom) Of Male Badminton Players -Dr. Th. Nandalal Singh, Mohammad Sarraf Razavi Pg-17

A Comparative Study of Strength among Shot Put Throwers and Discus Throwers of Hyderabad -Dr.Kaukab Azeem Pg-21

Growth In The Intensity Of Bio-Magnetism -Nagarjunasangem, Prof.B.Digamber Rao, Dr. Mohd. Moize Ahmed Pg-23

Effect of Plyometric Training, Resistance Training and Their Combination on the Performance of Basketball Players -Dr. Th. Nandalal Singh, Komal Pg-26

A Study on Effect of Anaerobic Exercises on BMI of Adult Women -Dr. Asish Paul, Dr. A. N. Dey Pg-31

Heal Arthirtis Through Aqua Fitness In Form Of Hydrotherapy To Your Joint Pains -Syed Farooq Kamal Pg-35

Cognitive Development And Exercise Of Children -Dr. Saugata Sarkar Pg-37

Nutritional Supplementation On Physical Fitness And Performance Of Athletes-Ajay Puli, P.Sampath, M.Sambasivarao Pg-40

Roll of Yoga in anxiety and Stress -NitaV. Chaudhary Pg-42

Effect Of Varied Integrated Modules Of Yogic Practices On Platelets Count Among Women Type II Diabetic Patients -Dr. P. YOGA Pg-47

The Issues of Women in Sports -Raju Badavath Pg-50

The new role of the mass media in the construction of sport and Olympic values -Bhookya Venkanna Pg-52

Women in Sports: Natural and Unnatural Challenges to Purity -Gundaram Sony Pg-55

Investment scenario in Industrialised countries Special Reference with Olympic Games -Tilavath Linganna Pg-58

A Comparative study of agility among Sepak Takraw and Netball Players of Hyderabad District -Dr.KaukabAzeem Pg-60

Effect of Reasoning Ability upon Shooting Skills of male Basketball Players -Prof. C.D. Agashe, Virendra Kumar Singh Pg-62

A Comparative Study On Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure And Cardio-Vascular Endurance Between The Female Students Coming To School By Cycling And Walking At Sundarban Delta Region In West Bengal. -Dr. Sandip Sankar Ghosh , Mr. Azizul Haque Pg-64

“The Influence Of Socioe-Conomic Status On Locus Of Control Of Sportsperson” -Dr. Rajkumar P Malipatil, Vishwanath Nadakatti, Pg-67

Effect Of Touchdown Parameters On The Performance Of Fosbury Flop High Jump - Ch. Raja rao, Prof. Y. Kishore, Dr.J.Ramamohan Rao Pg-70

Effects Of Medicine Ball Training On Selected Performance Variables Of Gitam University Cricketers -Mr.P.Ramakrishna, Dr.A.Pallavi Pg-75

A Comparative Study Of Speed And Explosive Strength Amon High Jumpers And Triple Jumpers Of Hyderabad – Prof.Rajesh Kumar, Prof.J.Prabhakar Rao, Dr.L.Balaram Reddy, K.Sujatha Pg-78

A Psychological Factors Of Football Players & Hockey Players – A Study -Srinivas Nallella, Dr. B. Sunil Kumar, Prof.V.Satyanarayana Pg-81

Physical Education Programmes In Schools At Pre-Primary And Primary Stages -S. Kumaraswamy,Y. Surender,K. Jithendernath Pg-85

The impact of cognitive style totalitarian to learn and retain skilled beating overwhelming fronting Volleyball -Amin Thanno Ahmad, Dr.K.Deepla Pg-87

Effect Of Green Tea And Oolong Tea Supplementation On Plasma Glucose, Immunoglobin A&B, And Calcium Among Metabolic Syndrome Affected People - Dr.R.Venkatesan Pg-91

Effect of Achievement, Motivation and Socio- Economic Status on sports performance of women's in Karnataka state. -Sandeep.U, Prasanna B. K., Dr. H. Nagalingappa Pg-93

A Study of Anxiety, Self confidence and Stress of State Level Male and Female School Players – Dr.Quadri Syed Javeed Pg-96

A Comparative Study of Explosive Strength among Volley Ball Players and Basket Ball Players of Vijayawada – Gamidi Sambasiva Rao, Dr. S.Chan Basha, Narra Srinivas and Shaik Mahboob Subhani Pg-100

A Comparative Study of Speed among Foot Ball Players and Hockey Players of Guntur – Narra Srinivas, Dr.S.Chan Basha, Gamidi Sambasiva Rao and shaikh Mahboob Subhani Pg-102


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