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Asian Journal of Physical Education and Computer Science in Sports with ISSN 0975-7732 for the months of January 2014 to June 2014


Download Asian Journal Vol.No.10

Effect Of Yogic Practices And Physical Exercise On Hemoglobin Blood Glucose And Body Mass Index Among Male Diabetic Patients-Mr. S. Ananth, Dr. S. Chidambara Raja, Pg-1

Standard Progressive Matrices Scores Of Male And Female Physical Education Professional Students Of Igipess-Madhavi Pathak, Manish Kumar. Pg-5

Study Of The Effect Of Commonwealth Youth Games 2008 On The Sport Tourism In Pune City-Mohammad Hadi Tavakkoli Pg-9

Effects Of Interval Running And Aerobic Dance On Selected Body Composition Variables Of College Women-Rekha M R Pg-12

A Study On Relationship Between Mental Skills And Competitive Anxiety And Their Effects On Performance-Jain. Shilpi, Wazir Singh Phogat Pg-15

Sports education - preparing for the new reality-Dr. G.Shyam Mohan Reddy Pg-20

A Study on the Physical Fitness among 10 Meter Air Rifle and Yoga Players of Panipat-Mahipal Pg-22

Team Cohesion Among National Level Cricket Players-Anil Kumar, A.B., Virupaksha, N. D Pg-24

Prediction of Basketball Players ability for Anthropometric measurements-Vishwanath M Nadakatti,Suresh.B.Patil Pg-27

A Study On Folk Games Of Bijapur District-Rajashekhar. D. Benakanahalli., Virupaksha, N.D. Pg-29

Anthropometric Determinants Of Running Performance In Elite Junior Athletes-Wazir Singh Phogat, Ravinderpal Ahlawat, Pg-31

Effect of Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) Root Powder Supplementation on the Core Muscle Strength and Stability in Hockey Players-Dr. Arvind Malik, Dr. Sonia Malik, Vikas Mehta, Pardeep Sharma Pg-34

A Comparative Study of Agility among Badminton Players and Lawn Tennis Players of the Khammam District in Telangana-Dr.K.Savithri Pg-39

Effect Of Consumption Of Whey Protein Supplement On Aerobic Power, Anaerobic Power And Bodycomposition Of Weight Trainers- Ankan Sinha Pg-41

Budget allocating Scenario for Sportsin advanced Countries - A study on Olympic Games-Anish Fatima Pg-44

How Media Publicising Sports and An Analysis on Performance-M.Naganna Pg-46

Issues and Challenges of Women in Sports and Games-K.Venkateshwarlu Pg-49

Effect Of Skipping Exercises On Vertical Jump Among Junior Vollaey Ball Players Of Nalgonda District-Avula Srinivas Pg-51

Influence Of Brisk Walking AndYogicPracticesOnSelectedPhysiological variables among Diabetic Patients-Dr.S.Manikandan Pg-53

Analysis on FVC and FEV1/FVC ratio between playing and non playing women students of Hyderabad-Mrs.Rajeshwari, Dr.N.Dileep Pg-55

A Study On Aggressiveness Between Male And Female Sportsperson Of All India-Interuniversity Players”-Dr. Hanumanthayya Pujari Pg-57

Effectiveness Of Athletic Taping And Kinesio Taping For Prevention Of Sports Injury-Jagadish S Gasti, Pg-60

A Study Of Aerobic Endurance Among Foot Ball Players And Sepak Takraw Players Of Hyderabad-Dr.K.Deepla,Prof.L.B.Laxmikanth Rathod Pg-65

A Study on the effect of Weight Training Exercises for development of Explosive Strength among Long jumpers of Hyderabad in Telangana- Prof.RajeshKumar,Prof.J.PrabhakarRao,Dr.I.Balaram Reddy,J.Ravinder Pg-67

Effect Of Circuit Training And Parcourse Training On Anxiety And Blood Pressure-Mr.K.P.R.Sethupathyraja, Dr.M.Sundar Pg-69

Financing Cost Elements of Crude Oil Import in Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)-Fatemehkiassi Pg-72

A Comparative Study On Psychosocial Adjustment Of The Students Of Different Category Schools-Prasenjit Barman, Dr. Sanjib Mridha, Pg-75

Food Effects On Health And Hygiene By Yoga-Dr.Rajashekhar .M.Hiremath, Mr. Basavraj.S.Lokapur Pg-78

The Role and Responsibilities of the Physical Education Teacher in the School Physical Activity Program-Dr.Rajashekhar .M.Hiremath, Mr.Basavaraj .S.Lokapur Pg-81

Yoga As A Good Sceince In Modern Life-Mr. Basavaraj Lokapur Pg-83

High Intensity Aerobic Exercise Reduces Resting State Plasma Fibrinogen And Ldl Cholesterol-Dr. Rajasekhar Kali Venkata, Mr. VVS Naidu, Pg-85

Loss of lung function and Upper Respiratory Tract Infection status among Professional marathon runners due to very high intensity competitive marathon running-Dr. Rajasekhar Kali Venkata Pg-90

Universal Magnetism and Bio Magnetism and their Relationship- Mr. Nagarjunasangem, Dr. K. Savithri, Prof. B. Digamber Rao Pg-95

A Study On Thyroid Hormone And Its Effects On Exercise – B.David Pg-98

Effect of Exercise Training on hs-CRP, Adipokinand Insulin Resistance levels in Obese Men- Amin Mohammadi Pg-100

A Comparative Study of Self Confidence between Physically Challenged Male Sportspersons and Non-Sportspersons- Pramod Kumar Tiwari Pg-105 


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